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here's me!

meaning how i visually sell myself online...

several photos, in different situations and different locations. sometimes with family, sometimes with friends, a bit for sports, but also alcohol and partying. :]

don't judge a book by its cover, these photos are not serious...

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where i show myself?
where i show myself

what i'm laughing at my movies and music videos.

what am i doing now? what i do.

what others say about me others write about me, mainly hate.

friends after years with class

nasza klasa without class.

professionally on goldenline professionally locally.

professionally on linkedin professionally to the world.

on the bunch wine/grapes.

face on the internet face to the world.

karol wnukiewicz on osobovo.pl

random clip
random clip

kareel STUDIOS vs. eric prydz - my own call on me video

also on the site
also on the site

randomly selected

what i'm holding up: "Oddać, co czyje, każdemu: Bogu, ojczyżnie, bliżniemu"